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  • Monitor speeding behavior (posted speed and a max speed threshold)
  • Monitor reckless driving behavior
    • harsh braking
    • harsh acceleration
    • harsh cornering
  • Automate regular scheduled maintenance to avoid breakdowns
  • Monitor check engine light and engine diagnostics

Reduce Speeding Violations by 95%


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  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce unnecessary idling times
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs
  • Reduce wear and tear on vehicles
  • Prolong the life of your vehicles
  • Accurate payroll and reduce excessive overtime costs
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Accurate customer billing

Reduce Fuel Costs By 20%


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  • Know where your vehicles are located
  • Know how did they get there
  • Know how long they were stopped
  • Eliminate side jobs
  • Efficient routing
  • Increase jobs per day

Increase Productivity by 20%

Easy Fleet GPS Customer Testimonials

"Thank you, Peter, and the Easy Fleet GPS team! Yesterday one of our Ford F350 trucks was stolen from our yard. I quickly began tracking the stolen truck using the Easy Fleet GPS mobile app. Within 10 mins we located and recovered our new F350. The Easy Fleet GPS service is amazing and allowed us to recover our truck quickly. Thank you for providing such a great product and service."
- Henry Castro, BC Masonry

“I have worked with Easy Fleet GPS and Peter for many years. He is reliable and great to work with. You can count on them to be on time and professional. Even better his Easy Fleet GPS tracking system has saved me so much money each month in wages and gas and it helps keep my drivers and vehicles safe! You can't go wrong.”
- Karen Bradley, Owner Moore Securities

“The customer service Peter at Easy Fleet GPS has shown is second to none. Having the Easy Fleet GPS service on our vehicle fleet has increased our drivers' awareness and has given us the ability to better monitor our driving efficiency.”
-Matthew, Service Manager - Precept Environmental

“Peter delivers a great product at a fair price. He is responsive and detailed. We started with his service and saved thousands in gas in the first month alone.”
- Michael Loftus, Owner - Connors Landscape

“The Easy Fleet GPS systems is so easy to use! Peter and his team deliver an amazing service and they are great to work with. We have reduced our speeding violations over 80% and lowered our fuel bill $700 monthly.”
- Angela Frank, President – Desco Electronics

“Great Service! We use Easy Fleet GPS for District snow removal tracking and billing. Peter has been a huge help for our District, and I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to track fleet vehicles.”
- Drew Meteer, Technology Manager - Kirkwood Meadows PUD

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There are more vehicles on the road today than there were 5 years ago. There are demands on business owners and fleet managers to run the daily business operations, manage the workforce, and try to make the business profitable...

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One of the biggest costs to a company is the theft and replacement of assets and equipment.
Our Easy Fleet GPS Asset Management solution will significantly eliminate this risk...

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Our priority is the safety of your employees and the general public. Through our innovative technology, you can measure and monitor speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, and hard cornering. Companies and fleets come in all different sizes, and the needs of each company vary. We will take the time to understand your needs and provide the solutions that work best for your company.


Business owners and fleet managers are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our advanced GPS Fleet Tracking solution allows you to monitor idle time, speeding, driver behavior, and simply know where your vehicles are. Our maintenance program allows you to automate the management of all of your regular scheduled maintenance.


Through our 24/7 innovative GPS tracking technology, you will have peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to protect your employees, protect your vehicles and assets, reduce accidents, reduce your fuel costs, reduce your maintenance costs, reduce wear and tear of your vehicles, and reduce insurance and liability expenses. You can also increase your productivity, become more efficient with your routing, increase profits, and prolong the life of your vehicles. More importantly, you can protect your company and employees from false allegations and provide a world-class experience for your customers.

Easy Fleet GPS is so honored and proud of our sponsorship with Grandma's House of Hope and their Nana's Kidz Program. Easy Fleet GPS will make a $50 donation to Nana's Kidz every time a customer signs up for service with us.

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“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

-  Peter Frankudakis, President