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Can using a GPS Fleet Management system be profitable? YES

I speak with companies on a daily basis with two or more vehicles, and I amazed the number of companies that do not use a GPS tracking or fleet management solution. The common responses to why they do not have a solution are: too costly, I don’t need it, and my employees have worked for me forever and I trust them. I love these responses because in few sentences I can show the business owner or fleet manager the value of investing in their fleet and their employees.

There is so much more to GPS tracking than just knowing where your vehicles are, or more commonly known as dots on a map. Yes, one of the benefits is you are able to view the where, what, and when of your vehicles. This is important since you will know that your trucks are where they should be, and drove the route they should have. Simply knowing where your vehicles are located, what route they took, and how long have they been stopped will help reduce your overtime costs, eliminate unnecessary miles, unauthorized use, and help you provide accurate payroll and billing.

By monitoring speeding and idling you will see a 15-20% reduction in your fuel costs. By monitoring driver behavior, you build a safer fleet of drivers, reduce your speeding violations and accidents, reduce the wear & tear on your vehicles, and prolong the life of your vehicles.

Through our automated Vehicle Maintenance Program, you will ensure all of your vehicles are healthy and well maintained. Again, saving you money and time. Also, through our automated process your Maintenance Manager or Operations Manager won’t be bogged down with manual tracking of miles and due dates.
Customers that fully use the tools and solutions offered through Easy Fleet GPS; automated reports, instant notifications 24/7 monitoring, FuelCard, and much more, they realize the ROI in the first 30 to 45 days.

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