Truck - Easy Fleet GPS


Do you know the cost to your business when a vehicle breaks down? What is the lost business?

Easy Fleet GPS provides several features that will help you to prevent and reduce breakdowns and downtime.

Our GPS solution allows you to monitor your vehicle’s battery voltage. You can set an alert to receive an instant notification when the battery drops below a certain voltage. Now you can charge or replace a battery before it dies, avoiding breakdowns and downtime.

We still see companies manually tracking miles and services. With Easy Fleet GPS, the monitoring of your regular scheduled services can be automated!

Now you can proactively manage your vehicles, so you will have a healthier and well-maintained fleet.

By using the tools Easy Fleet GPS provides, you will have peace of mind knowing your vehicles are properly running, you are doing everything possible to reduce downtime and prevent breakdowns, your vehicles are safe and healthy, and you are prolonging the vehicle life.

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