Running a business takes energy, time, and money. You invest in a building or office space. You invest in quality products and services. You try to hire the best and most qualified people. You build your brand and reputation off of the quality and reliability of your service. You take pride in the high level of customer focus and integrity you provide.

You take pride in your work trucks and the beautiful wrapping that highlights your company. As a business owner, you take pride in what you built. It is very difficult to control what your employees do when you are not with them. Our GPS fleet tracking solution gives you visibility to your employees’ driving behavior and your trucks.

Reckless driving and speeding are incredibly damaging to a business. First, there is the safety aspect. Unsafe driving behavior leads to increased traffic tickets and potential accidents which leads to increased insurance costs, and depending on the severity of the accidents the costs could put a business out of business.

Second, is the costs of maintaining your vehicles. Harsh cornering, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and speeding take a toll on your vehicles. You will end up replacing brakes, tires, shocks/struts, and other components more frequently. Also, with continued wear and tear, you will be replacing your vehicles more frequently.

The last component is your reputation in the community. How do potential customers view your company? For example, if your drivers are speeding and driving in an unsafe manner, a potential customer may not want to do business with your company.

Our GPS fleet management solution gives you the ability to monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh cornering. You can receive immediate alerts or daily reports identifying drivers that are driving recklessly and in an unsafe manner.

Through the use of our solutions, companies have realized a 90%+ reduction in speeding violations and unsafe driving behavior. By monitoring reckless driving you can ensure your drivers are driving in a safe and responsible manner, prolong the life of your vehicles, and know your company’s reputation is protected.

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