Kevin G. – Aqua Pool Service

“Easy Fleet GPS’s fleet tracking system puts a stop on bad employee behavior. Having that peace of mind and track-ability is worth every penny.”

Kevin G. – Aqua Pool Service


We were approached by one of our customers, a pool maintenance company with 15 vehicles. They were experiencing an unexplained increase in the chemicals, supplies, and fuel costs, while the number of pools they were serving was not increasing. The company allowed their technicians to drive the company trucks home.

Through the use of our GPS Fleet Tracking solution, the company determined that several company vehicles were moving between 7:30pm and 10:00pm, with 15-20 minute stops at residential addresses near their homes. The company quickly realized these technicians were doing side jobs, and collecting cash payments while using the company’s chemicals, supplies, and vehicles. The company immediately addressed this issue to eliminate the unexplained increase. More importantly the company reduced their fuel costs by 15% each month.

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