Jim J – Jackson Landscaping

“All of our employees have integrity, unfortunately sometimes you have to prove it. Thanks to Easy Fleet GPS tracking I was able to have the data to back my employees.”

— Jim J – Jackson Landscaping


One of our landscaping maintenance companies called us and stated that one of their customers claimed that the landscape maintenance technician stole a UPS package from their house. This was a long-time customer and a long-time employee, so the company was shocked.

The customer stated that the package was delivered around 3:00 PM, and they arrived home around 6:30 PM. Through the use of the daily trip report available through our GPS Fleet Tracking solution, the company determined that the technician arrived at the residence at 8:42 AM and left at 9:18 AM. Also the company was able to determine that they had no other vehicles within 15 miles of the home the entire day.

After presenting the customer with this evidence, the customer learned that neighbor had picked up the package, since there was an increase in package theft. The customer was very appreciative of the efforts the landscape company went through to investigate his concerns. The landscaping company was also pleased that our solution protected their employee, integrity, and reputation.

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