Happy Fleet managers


Well, Easy Fleet customers are this happy. Businesses that use our service know they are doing everything possible to ensure they are building a safe and responsible fleet of drivers. Also, through using our solutions, they are reducing the costs associated with managing a fleet in order to help their company be more profitable.

Our customers experience ROI in the first 30-45 days of using our service. In a recent survey by the Department of Motor Carriers, 98% of GPS customers realized ROI within the first month and a half and view GPS fleet tracking as an invaluable tool in reducing overall fleet costs, improving driver safety, and increasing productivity.

Also, our customers have peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are healthy and well-maintained, reducing the chance of mechanical failures and keeping their employees safe. Fleet managers and business owners can rest easy that they are doing everything possible to protect their employees and the reputation of their company, by monitoring speeding and all aspects of driving behavior.

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