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Payroll costs are one of the highest costs for a company. Yet without employees, a company will not be productive. The challenge for most companies is how to balance and manage payroll costs, overtime costs, and ensure their employees are actually working, especially when an employee works in the field.

On a regular basis, we hear from employers that they are not sure where their employees are and whether they are working or being unproductive. Another major concern is monitoring side jobs, where the employee collects cash, yet uses the company’s materials and assets to perform a personal job either during working hours or during off-hours. The company does not receive any of the revenue from these side jobs.

Through the use of the Easy Fleet GPS advanced technology, employers can see when their vehicles are moving especially during non-working hours. Also, if employees bring company vehicles home, an employer can set up a geo-fence around the employee’s home.

Business owners and fleet managers will know exactly when a vehicle arrives and departs from a job site or customer location. Through real-time data, you will know if your field employees are actually doing what you are paying them to do.

Through the use of our real-time GPS technology, one of our landscape customers recently reduced their overtime and payroll costs by over 50%. They learned that technicians were completing jobs between 2:30 PM and 4:00 PM, then they would drive around or stop at a fast-food restaurant and return to the yard at 4:30 PM to get paid for the full day.

Also, one of our pool cleaning customers determined that their cleaning technicians were performing side jobs between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM, collecting cash while using the company’s supplies and chemicals.

The investment you make in using Easy Fleet GPS and our solutions will help your company reduce costs, increase productivity, and increase profitability.

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