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Henry Castro – BCM Masonry

“Thank you Easy Fleet GPS for aiding in the recovery of our stolen Ford F350 so quickly. Thank you for providing such a great and reliable service!” – Henry Castro – BCM Masonry

I just wanted to tell you a quick story of what happened and how Easy Fleet GPS worked for us.

Our drivers were arriving back to the yard and parking our trucks. I was helping them back in and everything seemed like just another normal day.

When I got to my desk, I checked the Easy Fleet GPS mapping platform to make sure all the trucks were stopped and in the yard. I noticed our Ford F350 was moving and thought it was a bit strange since just minutes ago we parked them.

When I went downstairs to check who might have taken it, another worker notified me that he thinks someone might have stolen it.

I quickly pulled out my phone and started to track the Ford F350 on the Easy Fleet GPS mobile app. At 3:19 PM the truck was stolen, by 3:26 PM the truck was located parked behind a liquor store. By 3:35 PM we had local sheriffs on-site already responding to the incident.

If we did not have Easy Fleet GPS this situation would have ended up much differently and we would not have recovered our stolen truck.

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